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Let Your Children Go Through Hard Times

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Let Your Children Go Through Hard Times

Christopher Haseltine

This afternoon I had a discussion with my son’s mom centralizing on the need to protect him from certain pains and heartaches. This little boy is my world and whole reason and purpose for living and the greatest gift God has ever given me. Of course I want to protect him from pain! But this would be irresponsible of me. No matter how we try, we can never protect our children from pain. Aside from the inability, we shouldn’t attempt to try anyway. Pain is what makes us strong, gives us wisdom, and builds character.

I want him to have his heartbroken, for then he will know what lost love feels like, and this in turn will make him to be a greater lover. I want him to be physically hurt, for scars tell a tale and teach lessons. We get hurt playing football but would never go back and choose not to play. We are pained through working out, but we become stronger. We get limbs blown off in combat, and we become heroes. This isn’t to say that I want to purposely introduce hurts to his life, but when they happen, I will be there to support him - for a time - but I want to see how he’ll handle the hurts and how he’ll grow. I do not want to protect him from pains and heartaches but rather teach him how to get through them and become better by them.

I saw a picture once that showed what most people think the path to success is compared to the actual path. What most people think is you reach a fork in the road, one path leads to success and the other to failure. The actual path is fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed. Practice makes perfect and failure is practice for life. We need failure just like the high school coach who continually pushes you. Failure is a strong driving force for betterment… but only if one doesn’t roll over and die while laying in their the muddy rut.