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Beard care products with fragrances for the adventurer.

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Products & Uses


This product has many benefits, beginning with the scent.  The scents we produce are for men to be reminded to think outside the box and remember to pursue a road less traveled.  The scent is inspiration for a unique man that doesn’t always want to be stuck in a suit.

Using all natural ingredients, our beard oil is not only for smelling super manly but to provide additional moisture for your beard.  Beard oil prevents dandruff of the beard by adding much needed conditioning to your skin and hair, it will untangle and soften the overall look of your whiskers.  Use just a few drops and massage into the mane, take your time, we know it feels good.

Big Wood Beard Oil

Beard Balm -

Our beard balm acts as a grooming product to tame wild hair and make it more manageable, the all-natural ingredients provide moisture as well as a seal to lock it in.  It nourishes the skin and prevents hair from breaking or becoming brittle.

On a clean beard that has some of our Beard Oil in it, simply apply as needed, remember a little goes a long way…. work the balm into your palms and then throughout your beard, comb or style as needed, now you’re awesome.

Can also be used as a solid cologne, lip balm, or hair styling agent. 

Like our ant?

Like our ant?

MusTACHE Wax -

This is for a man with a stache to be remembered, mainly a styling product for a strong hold that will last even through a strong rainstorm.  From handlebars to a Fu Manchu this product will leave you smelling great and looking even better.  Swish a finger quickly into the tin, rub between fingertips, and style away. You're Welcome.

Campfire Mustache Wax