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Journey Seeker
PO Box 10734
Greensboro, NC 27404

PO Box 10734
Greensboro, NC 27404
United States


Beard care products with fragrances for the adventurer.

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Mission, Vision, Motto, Values


We are a company that sees the time restraints, expectations and responsibilities that people have on their shoulders. We've become so bogged down in these requirements, that we haven't given any responsibility to ourselves... for ourselves - to find ourselves, to know ourselves, and to be ourselves. At Journey Seeker, we believe in purposely taking the hard road, because through that journey, we all grow and find these internal questions and answers. A Journey Seeker, looks for ways to break away from the confines of culture and find his or her adventure. We don't care what that adventure is - climbing the Seven Summits; writing a novel; raising your children; or, starting your own business. We care that you follow your heart and become who you are. We will help push you.


In the years to come, Journey Seeker will continue providing support to male-centered charities through our annual fundraisers and sales of our outdoor-inspired beard care products. We will use our products to promote facial-hair-rebellion and prove that beards should be corporately acceptable. We will develop these products so that a man can still have a bit of the outdoors while in the office or at home. Journey Seeker will continue to post content on our blog showing that we do not have to shy away from pain and challenge but rather face it, take it by the neck and be victorious over it. We will continue podcasting stories, the real - true - gritty adventure stories that each person has to tell and wants to hear. We hope these true stories will inspire and push people to get out there and find their own story. We will help men's health in all areas that we can.


Pursue adventure, embrace boldness, and reclaim masculinity.


Family – Journey Seeker isn’t a job, it’s a family. Can’t do that? See the door.

Common courtesy – Every call, email, letter, and question will be responded to.

Friendships – We will not sell to our customers, we will build relationships with them.

The Land – We will give back to the land and leave it better than the way we found it.

Philanthropy – We are a men's grooming company focused on men’s issues and health.

Image – We value the person not what they look like. Beards, tattoos, and piercings welcome.

People – While we create beard products and support men's charities, we want both men and women to seek their journey.

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