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PO Box 10734
Greensboro, NC 27404
United States


Beard care products with fragrances for the adventurer.


Fun Beard Facts

These may or may not be true...

Fact #1: 

Beards can increase your overall strength by 27%.

Fact #2: 

Beards make you instantly more attractive to women.

Fact #3: 

It’s only okay to hold your girlfriend's purse if you have a beard.

Fact #4: 

Beards make you wiser – Confucius, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Jesus…

Fact #5:

Beards can order a drink in any language. Whiskey and beer are all you need with a beard.

Fact #6: 

NASA has never allowed a bearded astronaut on the moon, we don’t want to emasculate aliens.

Fact #7: 

Beards are the world's #1 weapon in a zombie apocalypse.

Fact #8: 

Chuck Norris’ beard has never lost a fight.

Fact #9: 

James Bond never faced a bearded villain, because he knew he could never win.

Fact #10: 

Beards are almost completely immune to sarcasm.

Fact #11: 

If you never shave…ever…your beard would be approximately 27.5 feet in length at 65.

Fact #12: 

The Knights of the Round Table were all required to have a beard. It just couldn’t exceed the length of King Arthur's majestic ginger beard.

FACT #13: 

If the entirety of your beard can be seen on a Skype call, the Institute of Beard Science say’s it’s not long enough.

FACT #14:

The study of beards is called Pogonology.

FACT #15: 

The only time it’s impossible to look manly with a beard, is if you’re wearing Crocs.

Fact #16: 

Beards make you 63% more likely to win a staring contest.

Fact #17: 

The answer to the question, ‘Why don’t you shave your beard off?’ is always, ‘Either I’m making you want me or you're jealous, Which one is it?'

Fact #18: 

Beards grow faster in the daytime than at night.

Fact #19: 

Beard Envy is the number one cause of depression in United States.

Fact #20: 

In Bavaria, it’s a requirement to have a minimum of a mustache to drink from a stein. Everyone else must use paper cups.

Fact #21: 

Abraham Lincoln’s style of beard is called the “chin curtain”.

Fact #22: 

Bearded men have, on average, the most attractive wives in the world.

Fact #23: 

The longest female beard was recorded at 30 cm.

Fact #24: 

If you put all hipster beards end-to-end in space, we’d have a much smaller hipster beard problem here on Earth.

Fact #25: 

The only king without a mustache in a full deck is the King of Hearts.

Fact #26: 

Every time a man shaves his beard, an angel loses it's wings.

Fact #27: 

The average mustache will trap a pint and a half of beer per year.

Fact #28: 

Jupiter, the Roman God of gods had a beard.

Fact #29: 

A man with a beard can make a female's orgasm last 56% longer than beardless men.

Fact #30: 

Having a beard ensures you get through customs 22.5% slower than everyone else.